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Climate Adaptation

Carol Howe is an editor of the IWA “ Journal of Water and Climate” and a management team member of the IWA Climate and Water Adaptation specialist group.  

Over the past 15 years she has been involved in understanding the implications of climate change on urban water systems and developing and implementing adaptation strategies. 

She became involved in climate change, and particularly drought management, while Manager of Strategic Planning for Sydney Water where she conducted scenario planning, modelling and risk assessment studies for the City’s water, wastewater and stormwater systems.

Upon joining the Australian National Research Organisation “CSIRO” she lead the Melbourne Water Climate Change Study, one of the first research studies to look at the integrated implications of climate change across urban water management services.  

As UNESCO-IHE Project Manager for the global SWITCH programme she co-authored (with ICLEI) an "Adapting Urban Water Systems to Climate Change - A handbook for decision makers at the local level" to help local government and utilities adapt to climate change.

She is an editor of the book “Water and Climate Change” and has been an invited speaker at many events including the Bellagio and Taiwan Climate Change Summits, Stockholm Water Week, Delta’s in Times of Climate Change and the Resilient Cities conferences. Publications include:

  • Loftus, A, Howe, C., Anton, B., and Philip, R. (2011) “Adapting Urban Water Systems to Climate Change – A handbook for decision makers at the local level”
  • Howe, C and Rhodes, B. (2009), “Melbourne Climate Change Study” Climate Change and Water: International Perspectives on Mitigation and Adaptation, AWWA/IWA, 263-276
  • Howe, C., R.N. Jones, S. Maheepala, B. Rhodes (2005) “Implications of Potential Climate Change for Melbourne’s Water Resources”, Melbourne Water
  • Pickup, N. and Howe, C., (2002) 'Planning for Drought in Sydney' Proceedings of the International Water Association Congress, Melbourne, Australia

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